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The Walt Whitman House
A Short Story

Eric Nelson

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The Walt Whitman House by Eric Nelson is an explosive synthesis of youth, poverty and urbanity reacting within the insolvency of early 90's American Culture. This story is as well researched as it is honest in its portrayal of two teens that just want to make something out of a day when they have nothing--to spend or to do.

Big Rick and Boo, who hail from the roughest part of Camden New Jersey, make their way from their tenement stoop to the neighborhood of the only home Walt Whitman ever owned in order to take advantage of a deconstruction site where they can easily loot and plunder enough to cop some diversion and entertainment for the remainder of their day. As the course of events unfolds, the stakes get higher as both take what they want and get more than they bargained for. Identity and opportunity, friendship and adventure, here combust in two typically extraordinary characters just looking to make the day into something more than any other.

The Walt Whitman House is not a moral parable. It is a naturalistic portrait in dialogue of a real moment, a real place, a genuine friendship, and a hypothetical act that questions the relationship and the direction of each. But most of all, it is an example of masterful plot-movement, conversational pace and suspense, making it a direct and enjoyable read that is worthy of prolonged consideration.

From the text:

"What the fuck is that?" asked Sam.

"Dynamite, homey," said Boo with a smirk on his face.

Publication info:

Date: 2013 (First Edition)
ISBN: 978-0-9796969-9-2
Binding: Hand-sewn with archival-quality thread
Paper: Cover is Carnival Vellum (Red) #100C; flyleaf is Neenah Classic Crest #80T (Antique Grey); text is Neenah Environment #24 writing (White)
Size: 4.25" x 5.5"
Pages: 27